Pine Tree Search and Rescue
President Bryan Courtois Saco, ME STL, WFR, RMG
Vice President James Linscott  Windham, ME STM, WFA, HAM
Secretary Larry DeHof Windham, ME WFA, STM
Board member Eric Laszlo South Portland, ME STM, WFA
Board member Rick Raynes Berwick, ME WFA
Board member Donna Rigor da Eva Kittery   , ME STM
Communications Joseph Valente Old Orchard Beach, ME
Joseph Bradley Waterboro, ME  STM, WFA, HAM
James Brown Portland, ME 
Christopher Cerrato Sumner, ME  STM
David Cherry Thompson, ME  STM
Christopher Chudzik Limington, ME  STM, WFA
Bryan Courtois Saco, ME  STL, WFR, RMG
Claire Curtis South Berwick, ME  STM
Larry DeHof Windham, ME  STM, WFA
Joseph Dienes III Westbrook, ME  STM
Douglas Doherty Saco, ME  STM
Jason Dubay Baileyville, ME  STM
John Elliott Portland, ME 
Kent Gauthier Milton Mills, MA  STM, EMT
Ryan Gorman Saco, ME  RMG
Tim Hannan Gray, ME  STM
Isaac Henry Arundel, ME 
Abigail King Portland, ME  STM, WFR, RMG
Jeremy Koch Buxton, ME 
Peter Lamarre West Bath, ME  STM, WFA, RMG
Eric Laszlo South Portland, ME  STM, WFA
Ari Leach Monmouth, ME 
Nancy Ann Lindley-Gauthier Milton Mills, MA  STM
James Linscott  Windham, ME  STM, WFA, HAM
Russell Mathes Limercik, ME 
Eric Maughan Cape Elizabeth, ME  STM, EMT
Christine Moisan Wells, ME 
Robert Pantel Portland, ME  STM
Richard Pappin Cape Elizabeth, ME  STM
Calie Ramisch Cape Elizabeth, ME  STM, WEMT
Rick Raynes Berwick, ME  WFA
Donna Rigor da Eva Kittery   , ME  STM
Laura Rigordaeva Brooklyn , NY  STM
Matthew Silverio Lincolnville, ME  STM, WFR
James Shafer Sanford, ME 
Charles Thompson Portland, ME 
Rebecca  Towne Raymond, ME  STM, EMT
Joseph Valente Old Orchard Beach, ME 
Christian Wildes Long Island, ME 
Dan Wilson Kennebunk, ME 
Laura Witners Portland, ME 

STM Maine Association for Search and Rescue certified Search Team Member
STL Maine Association for Search and Rescue certified Search Team Leader
RMG Registered Maine Guide
WFA Wilderness First Aid
WAFA Wilderness Advanced First Aid
WFR Wilderness First Responder
WEMT Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician
HAM HAM radio license

Pine Tree Search and Rescue is currently accepting applications for positions on our team.

If you are interested in being on the team we will provide all training needed. Currently our team is comprised of Registered Maine Guides, AMC trip leaders, Scout leaders, active duty and retired law enforcement and military, fire fighters, EMTs, and others with vast outdoor experience.  We also have a need for people who want to be involved but not go in the woods. On any search we are involved with it is extremely helpful to have someone stay home and man the phone to do the team call out and interact with the MASAR DO and WS on scene.

Here is a little background about the team:

On 2012-5-4 the York County Emergency Response Rescue Team (YCERRT) was officially disbanded. With the encouragement of our local Game Warden, Rick LaFlame, a few of the YCERRT team members decided form a new team. Bryan Courtois, Larry DeHof and Dan Pierce spearheaded getting the word out and attracting potential team members. On 2012-7-25 a meeting was held at Cabela's in Scarborough and Pine Tree Search and Rescue (PTSAR) was born. At later meetings officers were elected and bylaws were drafted and approved. On 2013-1-23 PTSAR received 501(c)(3) status. On 2012-9-11 PTSAR became a MASAR certified Unit.

Maine has 15 SAR teams throughout the state. PTSARs primary field of coverage is "southern" Maine but will get dispatched any where in the state we are needed. In order to be MASAR certified applicants must complete a detailed training course as well as demonstrating proficiency in both day and night navigation and survival including building a shelter and building a fire. You must also pass a fitness test that consists of carrying a 25 pound pack for 2 miles in less than 30 minutes. Current first aid and CPR are also required. Full requirements can be found in the Standards section of the MASAR website.